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3 Things You Should Know About Facebook's New Updates

As you might’ve heard, Facebook released a new algorithm update that’s got publishers and brands alike quivering in their boots. So what should you be doing on Facebook for your business?

Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Have A Paid Strategy Prepared

In the early days of running a business on Facebook, reaching your audience organically was simple. Now Facebook highly encourages businesses to have a paid advertising campaign. Facebook has even gone as far as creating tools for creatives such as Canvas to make engaging paid content that’ll reach and grow your audience. The main concern businesses might have about advertising on Facebook is the cost. Fortunately, it’s incredibly cheaper to advertise with Facebook than by traditional media, and if the content is engaging enough, the price of a click can be as little as a penny. This doesn’t mean that all of your content needs to be paid, but think of it as a supplement to your business’ digital strategy. Have engaging organic content, but then have an ad or two help drive more people to like your page and even see conversion.

2. Keep It On Facebook

On Facebook, native is king. For a while now Facebook’s algorithms award and punish pages that take full advantage (or not) of tools such as Facebook Live and their in-platform content scheduling tool. With the tools at your fingertips why not take advantage? It makes sharing content easier. Plus, you can see how effective your content did all in one place.

3. Be Human

Think it goes without saying, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder. Remember, it’s social media for a reason. With this update Facebook made it abundantly clear that they want their users to gain meaningful experiences. As businesses, that means answering comments and messages instead of ignoring them - lead conversations. It also means figuring out what sort of content your audiences likes seeing. Not only are you trying to gain engagement, you should earn their trust which I’d argue weighs more than anything else combined.

Who knows what the big new thing Facebook might introduce? Heck it might even come as soon as you finish reading this guide. At Grayscale we keep up to date on everything from algorithms to the latest content marketing trends so you can focus on what’s important.

Wanna see for yourself? Let’s have a chat!


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