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Team Member Tuesday: Matt Alese

Grayscale is thrilled to have Matt Alese as our very own Entertainment Project Manager!

A New York native with big dreams, Matt spent many of his summers creating music and producing live concerts, turning his love of music and the entertainment industry into a full-fledged career. After graduating from Northeastern University, Matt jumped head first into the business world, working as a intern for Dan Hodges Music Publishing in Nashville. Quickly falling in love with this new city, Matt made Music City his permanent home and joined our team in March 2017!

When he's not working, Matt can be found rocking out at live concerts, reading literature and cheering on the New York Yankees & Rangers!


Grayscale: What's your life's theme song?

Matt: "The Moon" by Pile

Grayscale: What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?

Matt: "Yeah, well. That's just like your opinion man." ~ The Dude

Grayscale: What is your "motto" in life?

Matt: You are master of your domain. Perception is simply the fabricated consciousness in which we have chosen to live.

For more information about Matt and Grayscale, check out his official bio.


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