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Allen Clack photographer tim gray grayscale marketing and advertising



The objective of the campaign was to drive awareness and increase sales.

The solutions included a design of his personal and professional brand strategy, a 6-month digital marketing, SEO, SEM and social media & digital advertising campaign. We worked alongside the artist’s team to setup several art exhibits and established his first online store for selling prints.


In the first 2 months of working with Allen, we:

  • Increased website visits 10,723%

  • 70.9% of those web visits from new users

  • Established SEO ranking from no results and moved him to page 2 on Google (This work is ongoing)

  • Total social media followers increased 66.7%

  • Inbound messages increased 1,653%

  • Total social media impressions increased 399.5%

  • Total engagement increased 2,425%

  • Increased total online sales 3,789%

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