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The challenge of the campaign was to partner Blue Chair Bay Rum in two of their emerging focus markets where impressions were high, product orders were guaranteed, consumption was consistent and activations could be taken care of by their local distributors.


The solution was to partner Blue Chair Bay with two MiLB (Minor League Baseball) Stadiums. The teams were in Lexington, Kentucky and Frisco, Texas.


Individual sales increased in each market as well as direct store purchases. Brand affinity increased as well as recognition.

  • Total stadium attendance 1,077,053

  • Email marketing impressions 137,000

  • Snapchat impressions 284,000

  • Total Facebook impressions 953,400

  • Total Twitter impressions 467,321

  • Total website impressions 1,668,336

  • Featured on 12 stadium LCD screens for .15 second ads

  • Featured on 65 TV screens throughout the ballparks for 28-30               second ads per game

  • Featured on 6 restaurant and bar signs and menus throughout the stadiums

  • 4 custom in-game activations

  • 12 in-game promotions

  • Contesting for giveaway of Kenny Chesney autographed guitar

  • 5,000 custom branded take-home Mason jars sold

  • 4 speciality rum cocktails featured

  • 200 PA announcements

  • Digital scoreboard branding

59 Total Cases of Rum Sold

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