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The solution was to redesign the logo and website. We also needed to survey consumers that do, did or might wear the brand as a way to choose which of the 300+ skus we would relaunch. In addition, we reorganized the brand strategy, designed the brand standards and ran a digital marketing & advertising, SEO, SEM and social media campaign for six months. We also needed to complete a new photoshoot, create content, align influencers and strategic alliances. Finally, we needed to develop a press strategy and campaign that would provide additional reach and impact.


The challenge of the campaign was to completely rebrand and launch a 120-year-old classic American apparel company. We needed to ensure we protected the rich history of the brand, while also pushing it into today's competitive fashion market.


  • SEO – #1 Top Google Ranking

  • Increased website visits 34,042.9%

  • Drove 77% of those web visits from new users

  • Increased website sessions 34,366.7%

  • Total social media followers increased 14,625.5%

  • Messages sent increased 10,375%

  • Messages received increased 44,855.6%

  • Total social media impressions increased 9,747.9%

  • Total engagement increased 15,345.7%

  • Partnered with key influencers

  • Jack White

  • Macklemore

  • Runaway June

  • Boo Ray

  • Bobby Bare

  • Daryl Hall

  • William Michael Morgan

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