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This artist was making a brand and genre transition toward more of a folk/pop, almost singer/songwriter base. One of the challenges was to help her navigate those tricky waters while staying true to herself and not losing fans.

The objectives of the campaign included:

  • Drive awareness to her new music online

  • Gain new fans and followers without losing old ones due to the style of music transition

  • Streamline advertising

  • Increase subscriptions and streams

The solutions included designing her overall brand strategy, online voice, a consistent content schedule and a 6-month digital marketing, social media & digital advertising campaign.


We aligned her with streaming partners and worked alongside her PR team.




In the first 3 months of working with Kady:

  • Total social media followers increased 49.5%

  • Inbound messages increased 47.5%

  • Total social media impressions increased 43.4%

  • Total engagement increased 63.3%

  • Total YouTube subscriptions increased 947 or 12.38%

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