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The objective of the project was to partner Michaels with Pilgrimage Music Festival as a way to encourage creativity, brand recognition and foot traffic for the local stores.

The solutions included several event activations that focused on Michaels core mission, “Where Creativity Happens.” One solution included converting a working horse barn into a full art gallery filled with creative pieces from local artists and students. The Michaels Art Barn included a "MAKE IT, GIVE IT, WEAR IT" activation, which was filled with beads, metal stamping and other jewelry making tools festival-goers could create on demand. The third part of the activation included a 20x20 rock painting garden, display and rest area that provided a phone charging station for attendees. The fourth aspect of the activation was a children’s area filled with easels, paint, chalkboards and a beautiful wall art where we showcased the children's creative pieces of art.




  • Exposure to 50,000 festival attendees

  • 47.41% of festival attendees were from the local Nashville market

  • Provided 45,000,000 total marketing impressions

  • 2,000,000 impressions from local print coverage

  • 17,812,059 social media impressions

  • Passed 13,000 attendees through the art barn activation

  • 2,250 children participated in the children's art activation

  • 1,000 VIP in-store coupons distributed

  • All art and painting created used Michaels crafts

  • The art barn activation consistently had a 30 minute line to enter

  • Michaels was mentioned, tagged,and posted 3 times per social           outlet exposing the brand to pre and post festival-goers

  • Michaels logo placed on the Pilgrimage website

  • Michaels logo placed on the app

  • Michaels logo placed on the interactive app

  • Michaels custom branded 10' x 4' titled archway to the barn                provided over 50,000 impressions and countless digital                   impressions

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