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Our goal was to activate Neuro across 13 different cruise music festivals over 6 months. The challenge was that a majority of the festivals attendees were unaware of the brand and had not tasted the product. They were also on a 5-day vacation. We needed to stand out on board the ship and ensure a positive brand interaction.


Saturate the cruise ships with the brand's products, logo and presence. Ensure that each festival-goer had the opportunity to taste, drink and engage with all four flavors of Neuro through activations and time-controlled touch points.

The activations were spread across 13 cruise music festivals. Each festival attendee received a Neuro drink upon boarding the ship, at cruise stops, private island activation sampling and daily room drops for every room with branded postcards.

The activations were ship-wide and included the following:

  • Captain announcements

  • Meet & greet sampling

  • Artists sampling

  • Branded coolers

  • In-cabin branded TV commercial content

  • On-ship branded TV commercial content

  • 13 bars - Back Bar

  • Floor/elevator/pool/sticker branding

  • Banners, website, social and skrim branding

  • Yoga with sampling

  • Gym and spa sampling and branding

  • Ship deck activations/10x10 with sampling

  • Branded sunglasses for promo swag gifting

  • Branded shipwide belly flop contest

  • During and after event survey

  • And more!


  • 27,422 total attendance

  • 13 music festivals

  • 8,000 cases of product drank

  • 79.94% of attendees had not tried nor heard of Neuro before

  • 21,921 new potential customers

  • 39.67% of surveyed attendees said they would definitely recommend Neuro to a friend

  • 33.66% of surveyed guests said they would maybe recommend neuro to a friend

  • 73.23% positive brand feedback

  • 4,618,299 measurable impressions

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