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18 Guerilla Marketing Tactics To Increase Event Ticket Sales

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Guerilla Marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that involves using creative and unexpected methods to promote concerts. In the case of live music events, Guerilla Marketing can be an effective way to attract attendees and create buzz around the event.

Through a comprehensive Guerilla Marketing strategy, event organizers and promoters can engage potential attendees in new and exciting ways, creating a memorable impression that drives ticket sales. Live events, music festivals, fairs, rodeos, venues, and conferences can all benefit from thoughtful and thorough Guerilla Marketing plan. Your plan can help your event stand out from the crowd and reach a wider audience, increasing the likelihood of a successful event and increasing ticket sales.

One of the main benefits of Guerilla Marketing is that it is often more cost-effective than traditional marketing methods, allowing event organizers to reach a wider audience without breaking the bank.

Additionally, Guerilla Marketing tactics can be tailored to the specific event and audience, ensuring that the marketing efforts are targeted and effective.


  1. Put a team with a table and a sign in front of every Walmart, Target, Costco and Sam's Club every weekend between now and the show selling tickets like Girl Scouts.

  2. Partner with any boat clubs in the area and ask them to help promote the show. Trade them a few tickets and ask them to send out a marketing message.

  3. Every hotel in the area should have postcards at the front desk or in every room if they will.

  4. Hire a big boat to drive around each weekend with a big EVENT NAME banner / flagging around

  5. Call the ice company and ask them if you can sponsor the ice bags and print a message on each one.

  6. Put a sticker on all the ice machines around the lake

  7. Know anyone with a small plane? Print a banner and fly it around every weekend over the lake / town / city about the event. That will get eyes on it. Possibly News coverage.

  8. Buy ads and run them in each movie theater near you for the next few weeks.

  9. Partner with the Zoo and trade them tickets in exchange for helping another local business.

  10. Place a pop up banner with QR codes in the front entrance of each major gas station and Walmart in the area and sell tickets there.

  11. Reach out to the car museum and see if they would be willing to do a car show before the show.

  12. Ask any realtors / wealth management / bankers / sales people / car dealerships, etc to “bulk-buy tickets” and bring clients with them.

    1. Also ask them to send emails out to their customers in exchange for tickets.

13. If you have any manufacturing companies, hospitals, etc. in your region with lots of employees offer them bulk buy discounts. Or

  1. Ask them to hang posters in their break rooms

14. Offer service men and woman discounts

  1. Offer healthcare workers discounts

15. Hire sign spinners to stand on busy streets or busy shopping areas to tell people about the event.

16. Call the electric company or water company in the area and see if they will put a flyer in everyone's bill.

17. Place flyers each weekend on car windows at stores, churches, shopping centers, etc

Guerilla Marketing tips

| Partnerships

18. Ask all strategic partners, sponsors, and vendors to do the following

  1. Make social media posts & stories

  2. Run ads, or allow GEM to run ads to their customers via shared audiences on Meta

  3. Provide items that can be used in online contesting

  4. Send out e-blast and text messages to their audience, email, and text list.

  5. Send out email to their internal staff providing discounted tickets

  6. Connect GEM to each sponsor to help coordinate cross marketing and advertising initiatives.

While this is not an exhustive list of ways to implement Guerilla Marketing into your live event strategy, the list above can provide powerful tools for event organizers looking to increase ticket sales. By using creative and unconventional marketing tactics, organizers can engage potential attendees and create buzz around the event, leading to a successful and memorable event.

Contact us today to learn more or discuss ways that Grayscale Marketing can help you sell more concert ticket.


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