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3 Tips To Get In The Creative Mood

3 tips to get in a creative mood

As part of the creative team at Grayscale, I have the pleasure of working with brands, festivals, venues and artists alike.

Part of what I do at the agency is create engaging content for clients’ social media and sometimes their live marketing. Some days it comes easy, some not so much. Whenever I’m looking to create content - whether at the workplace or at my own leisure - I follow some pretty simple guidelines to help keep me inspired. Here’s some simple tips on how to stay in the creative mood:


Take inspiration from other places.

As any internet-lurking millennial, I find a lot of humor and inspiration for content from pop culture references and memes. As you’ll see from many publishers online they’ll do just that. Don’t let these be the only places to inspire you though. Take a look around you, there’s bound to be something that’ll strike you.

Grab a piece of paper and throw your ideas out there.

As old-fashioned as it may seem, it really does the trick. When I step into the office every morning the first thing I do is pull out my handy-dandy notebook and write words, even draw a doodle - something that’ll get me in the right mindset to get to work. You’re heading in the right direction creatively when you can get the idea out of your mind and in front of your eyes.

Steve had the right idea.

Take a break!

The worst thing that could happen as a creative is to get burned out. Even worse, is trying to get yourself out of it. When you find yourself on the brink of feeling that way - TAKE 👏 A 👏 BREAK 👏.

If you need to step away for an hour or a few hours, do it. Go outside, eat something - take a nap if you need to. You’ll feel better mentally and even physically if you give yourself that window of time away from what you were doing. You might even come back with more ideas!


Making a living creating engaging, thought-provoking content is fun and rewarding when you see how people react to your work. Of course there’ll be many obstacles in your artistic journey, but when you take into mind some of the steps I listed above those obstacles might not be so daunting after all.


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