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Grayscale celebrates 500,000 event tickets sold and 4 year anniversary!

This week our team celebrated 500,000 Tickets Sold and our 4-Year Business Anniversary!

Marketing Nashville
Grayscale Marketing Nashville

“Grayscale Marketing, an award-winning, full-service entertainment agency, celebrates its 4-year anniversary with a new milestone achievement. The agency is proud to announce it has sold over 500,000 tickets for its event clients – less than four years after its founding in 2015. Grayscale Marketing focuses on digital marketing and advertising, content creation, public relations and strategic partnerships.

“I’m proud of the real impact we’ve had for our clients as we celebrate another year in business,” said Founder and CEO of Grayscale Marketing, Tim Gray. “Crossing the 500,000 tickets sold mark is a testament to our team, our unique process and that we deliver on what we say we will, every time -- few things are more important to me than that.”

Gray’s background is deeply rooted in live events and entertainment. Over the course of his 15-year career in Nashville, Gray owned a successful ticketing company, worked as a booking agent and artist manager, and personally promoted major events.

“My background and experience with live events uniquely places our agency in a position to deliver the results that matter most to our event clients -- increasing their ticket sales,” said Gray.

In the last two years, Grayscale has added notable clientele and new services that have more than doubled the agency’s annual revenue and team size. As Grayscale marches forward, they are committed to providing impactful bottom line solutions for the entertainment industry, that continue to save time, increase profit and drive awareness for their clients.

“We are grateful to our clients and employees, and look forward to continuing our impactful journey to support our clients’ needs,” said Grayscale Chief Operating Officer, Robert Hamm.

Grayscale Marketing Nashville
Grayscale Marketing Nashville

Grayscale has over 44 years of combined experience and has represented clients in 37 states and four countries. The agency services a multitude of industries including entertainment, food and beverage, corporate, and non-profit. Developing creative solutions to maximize impact for every client, Grayscale is one of the fastest-growing agencies in Nashville.


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