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Grayscale Marketing Announces New Nashville Headquarters

Grayscale Marketing Office
Grayscale Marketing Office

GSM has opened new offices in Nashville, Tennessee, marking the agency’s growing footprint in the marketing sector of the music industry.

The new office space in Music City is in anticipation of GSM’s recent team and brand division expansion.

The agency is taking over a 1,500 square foot beautifully renovated home in Berry Hill, just South of Downtown Nashville joining 400 other businesses, including 40 recording studios, music publishers and management firms.

“Our move speaks to our exceptional growth over the last two years, and our team’s commitment and passion for our clients,” said GSM’s Tim Gray, CEO. “GSM Nashville represents some of the most talented, notable and celebrated venues, events, brands and entertainers in the US, as well as some very promising emerging artists. Our vision has always been growth-oriented, and I look forward to what is to come.”

Grayscale Marketing Office Nashville
Grayscale Marketing Office


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