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Taking Notes from Twitter’s Playbook

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Twitter recently released a playbook for agencies and their clients, articulating what it takes to run a successful advertising campaign on the platform. At first glance, the 18-page document seems too comprehensive and overwhelming to understand, but lucky for you, we’ve pulled out some of the most useful findings.

1. When it comes to Twitter ads, money is everything.

Twitter admits some of its most successful brands are backed by significant ad budgets. Having the dollars to support your campaign can help guarantee your content gets seen, which is especially important in today’s day and age of wonky algorithms.

However, this does not mean organic advertising should be thrown out completely. In fact, paid and organic ads should balance one another out. The two should amplify one another, helping brands spread their message to consumers. Investing in multiple techniques and campaigns can help your organization grow in more ways than one.

In fact, the playbook states, “Brands have to put money behind tweets for them to go viral."

2. Make your campaign timely.

It’s no secret people turn to Twitter for up-to-date information. Users log in for real-time updates and to see what’s happening now. This aspect of the platform is especially important for agencies. By staying in the know, your organization can learn how to discuss and comment on current events.

In a similar sense, take advantage of Twitter ads when you want to have a conversation with your audience and gain their feedback. This also gives you the opportunity to direct the conversation. Twitter is a platform that gives you control, allowing you to be the first to break any compelling news, release promotions, updates, etc. After all, the playbook says, “A brands most recent Tweet is their latest rules."

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3. Allow your organization to evolve.

Another important idea the playbook discusses is using Twitter when your campaign has an edge to it. Twitter is a platform that allows users to tap into their creativity, so take advantage of that!

For example, we often see sassy, witty tweets from companies like Denny’s or Wendy’s that go viral. This shows us the advantages of taking risks and using humor to reinvent your organization. Using these techniques will not only help your campaign drive engagement, but it gives your organization a personality, too.

Although there is no cookie cutter way to run an engaging campaign, the first step is simply knowing your platform and audience. In terms of Twitter, having the money to budget to back your ads, communicating with users and reinventing yourself are just a few techniques you can use to run a successful campaign.


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