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Team Member Tuesday: Rasha Shaker

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Meet Grayscale's Advertising & Marketing Coordinator, Rasha Shaker!

A Pennsylvania girl at heart, Rasha Shaker made her way to Nashville after graduating from Wilkes University in 2015. With a degree in Communication Studies with focuses in PR and broadcast media, Rasha makes one of the best advertising and marketing coordinators Grayscale could ever ask for! She hones in on her abstract and creative talents every day in the office.

When not killing the game at Grayscale, you can find Rasha writing, appreciating art or patronizing the performing arts!


Grayscale: What is your life's theme song?

Rasha: Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Song

Grayscale: What's your secret talent?

Rasha: I can apply pop culture references to any situation on the spot.

Grayscale: What is your motto in life?

Rasha: If you're gonna be a mess, at least look fabulous doing it.

For more information about Rasha and Grayscale, check out her official bio.


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