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Team Member Tuesday: Robert Hamm

Grayscale Marketing is excited to have Robert serve as our Chief Operating Officer!

From bartender to manager to entrepreneur, Robert's story is a unique one, making him no stranger to success.

Before taking his position at Grayscale, Robert launched two entrepreneurial ventures and served as Kaleidoscope Media's Director of Operations and Project Development. He's done anything and everything from social media marketing, media planning, media purchasing, talent buying to producing and promoting shows for bands like Moon Taxi and Alabama Shakes.

After launching his second business, Robert decided to tap into his creative side, building competitive social media, web development, graphic design and videography divisions.

After following the success of Grayscale and its founder, Tim Gray, the opportunity to serve as the company's COO just sort of happened for Robert.

"I’ve never actually looked for a job, they have always just appeared when it was time, I think. I had been following Grayscale and Tim since he launched, and when he asked what I was up to I knew I was going to join his team. The energy here and the direction we are headed is exciting! I have never worked with a founder/owner that is in the work as much as he is."

Grayscale Marketing: Who would you want to narrate your life?

Robert: Mitch Hedberg

Grayscale: What movie quotes do you use on a regular basis?

Robert: "Sometimes I do what I want to, other times I do what I have to" or something along those lines. It's from Gladiator.

Grayscale: What is your life's motto?

Robert: If you are gonna be dumb, you better be tough.

For more information about Robert and Grayscale, check out his official bio.


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