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How to Use Instagram Nametags

Yesterday Instagram announced a new feature: Instagram Nametags.

Instagram Profiles now generate their own unique identification images that can be scanned by other devices in the app. Unlike other scanning codes in social media, these are customizable, with five different color background options.

Here are a couple tips to keep in mind when it comes to utilizing this new tool.

Go Beyond Digital

Instagram will scan these from other screens, paper, and other phones, so throw that nametag out wherever you are looking for more followers. Include your nametag on your packaging, on the back of your business cards, or at the end of a presentation. Be creative, and find new and exciting places to place your code.

How to use instagram nametags

Change your name tag to an on brand color scheme

Nametags display in five color schemes, choose one that fits your business and leave it on that.

Instagram nametags

Whenever someone scans your nametag, even if from a different colored printed or online version, your handle will display in that on-brand color. Remember, it doesn’t matter what color the nametag is that is scanned, it matters what you leave your account on.

For most users, Instagram’s new tool makes it easier to find and follow people they meet in real life. For your business, nametags can make it easier to fortify your online presence and reach new followers in new and easier ways.

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